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Greetings from Novosibirsk!

My name is Yuri, and I have 20 years experience in software development.

In 2017, I started developing mobile applications and games on Unity3D,
and I would like to say that your mobile app is already somehow ready ))

I mean, after two unity3d-projects the essentials design/code patterns
of mobile apps were crystallized into Time3D.Unity.App asset (ypApp in short).
And later were polished on 2+ other projects.

Your application built on ypApp will gain progress up to near 50% for MVP at the start.
UnityApp social network app will be 25% ready before your even imagine all of your app uses cases.
Online-shop, company app, product app, service app, etc app can be done in 2-6 months depending on the requirements.

Hour rate is $20.
ypApp license costs $500.

Your will get app versions for both major mobile platforms from the same project.
If your need, the project also can be compiled for browsers, Windows, MacOS, etc.

Please feel free to ask me any questions

Demo video

General features of apps made on ypApp

About/Profile, FB auth, localization
ypApp v3.3 (2021-11-01)
About/Profile, VK auth, item list
ypApp v3.0 (2020-04-14)
Screen flow, action bar
ypApp v2.0 (2020-01-04)

Demo apps

Examples of applications made on ypApp

Person evaluation app
Open-world multiplayer game
Project management tool


Entire sofrware lifecycle support


Application architecture
UI mockups and UML schemes
Cost estimation


Client on Unity3D
Backend/site on ASP.NET Core
Own tools

Why Unity3D?

Why not develop the app separately in Android Studio for Android and XCode for iOS?

Unity3D is mature development platform.

Built with gaming performance and stunning graphics in mind,
Unity3D in addition to 2D/3D games is also widely used in the
automotive, architeture and engineering and cinema
for create 3D application.

Some companies have already caught idea of creating better 2D applications in Unity3D also.
Unity3D has everything needed for this.

The main advantage of creating an app on Unity3D is no need to multiply budget by each supported platforms.
Your can get all platforms you need by the price of one, with more impressive appearance and same or better performance.
Adding new app futures and fixing bugs will be more effective also.

And yes, code for each platform will be native.


The best choice because your project will be


What speed up app development.

ypApp (Time3D.Unity.App)

Our proprietary framework/template for modern application
  • App pipeline. Views navigation
  • Interactivity (main menu, actions)
  • Buttons animation, downloading progress shader
  • App version check. Optional/mandatory upgrades
  • PUSH-notification
  • InApp-notification
  • Anonymous (device) authorization
  • Authorization via Facebook, VK or email
  • Sync data with app cloud Time3D.Backend
  • Image caching for boost performance
  • Easy localization

More about ypApp

Commercial Unity3D assets

Best in class. Proven by experience
  • Enhanced UI-elements toolset
  • Tables and 2D/3D-charts support
  • Content sharing, AppLinks support
  • Work with phone address book
  • Work with phone photos
  • Create and scan QR codes

Licenses already purchased.
This toolsets will be free for you


Ready to work REST API Server
Build on ASP.Net Core WebAPI technology
  • Users and sessions management
  • Errors and events collecting
  • PUSH-notification sending
  • InApp-notification management
  • Garthering data from social networks
  • Data optimazed for dynamic reports.
    (Send a request to view some PowerBI-dashboards)
  • Work with any DB server supported by EntityFramework
    (MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc)
  • Run on Windows, Linux, Docker (IIS, Apache, Nginx)
  • Can host under your work table
  • Designed for tandem with ypApp .

Delivered with ypApp license for free.